Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm past the one-month hump.

So so sorry that I haven't posted over here for a while. If you note the date of the post before this one, you see that it was August 28th - a day before the Katrina disaster began unfolding. I have been ass over teakettle with Katrina entries to my political blog since that day, as well as blogging over at Daily Kos.

So the totaly bitchiness thing seems to have subsided a great deal. The times when I miss smoking are less acute than when they were, but a few things stand out as sure-fire God-I-Want-A-Cigarette moments:

  • When I get off an airplane.
    • That was a weird one - I flew to visit my parents on September 2nd and when I got off the plane, it took me quite some time to come to grips with why I wasn't running outside to smoke while my baggage arrived.
  • Anytime I've been in awful traffic.
    • Something about the stress of traffic - I used to always pile out of the car when I arrived at my destination and light up. I STILL miss that - bad.

  • When playing golf.
    • Everyone has their smoking things - mine was always when playing golf. Something about waiting at the tee box and being outside and what have you. I played for the first time yesterday since quitting and I fought, from about the 4th hole onward, against totally wanting a smoke.

There are odd things, though, that I thought would bug me that haven't.

  • In the morning.
  • After dinner.
  • When I'm around other smokers.
  • When I'm in a bar.

Go figure.