Saturday, August 13, 2005

Some housekeeping items

First and foremost, I've added links to my blog. Dirtroad (from dKos) has linked to my blog and given me a nice front-page pimp on his and it's interesting... check it out.

I have also included I can't remember who originally recommended it at dKos, but EleanoraMT took the initiative and started a club over there. Follow the link, sign up for a free account, go to 'Communities' and then 'Clubs' and search for Kossacks Quit. We're all trying to support each other and I do really recommend the whole site and service.

The Quit Meter is a neat little gadget that runs telling you how much money you've saved, how many cigarettes you haven't smoked, and how many hours/days/months etc. you have been quit. It even has a way to measure a "backslide" cigarette. Just something fun to engage you in quitting.

The American Lung Association - that's a biggie. I recommend strongly that we all take whatever we can give and give to the American Lung Association. They are underfunded. There seems to be this kind of "they brought this on themselves" mentality to the funding of lung cancer research. I aim to help them out a bit so it's there as incentive for the rest of you - no pressure at all. :-)


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